The Complete Guide to Anal Douches

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If you’re looking for a real and raunchy guide to the hush-hush topic of anal douching, you’ve come to the perfect place! My goal is to help you learn everything you need to know to anally douche properly and make your anal escapades as clean and as safe as possible. So whether you want to experiment with anal play, indulge in anal sex or dabble with something even more extreme like anal fisting, this guide is all you need to get yourself ready for action!

Anal douching offers an array of amazing benefits; it makes anal play more hygienic, it helps things flow better, and it helps you become more comfortable and confident in the bedroom! As anal douching is both a science and an art, my aim is to make you the Picasso or the posterior by showing you the best tips and techniques for douching safely and effectively!

My step-by-step instructions will have you douching like a pro in no time! I’ll teach you how to choose the best anal douche, show you which nozzles to use, and answer all those burning questions you probably have. Best of all, you’ll be able to practice what you learn TONIGHT…and see some amazing results, guaranteed!

What are anal douches?

Never heard of anal douches before? Anal douches (also known as rectal douches) are small objects used to clean the rectum. Anal, or rectal, douching is the act of rinsing out with the rectum with water prior to any type of anal play such as anal fingering or anal sex. Anal douching helps to clean out any fecal matter that may be lurking in the rectum and makes butt sex cleaner, safer and MUCH more enjoyable!

What’s the difference between an anal douche and an enema?

The term ‘douche’ is commonly used interchangeably with ‘enema’ and anal douches are often marketed as enemas or enema kits. However, the main difference between douches and enemas is that anal douches only clean the rectum, not the large intestine. Enemas are physically larger and are usually used for cleaning further into the large intestine.   

Why do people use anal douches?

In medicine, anal douches are typically used to treat constipation. However, when used prior to a sexual activity, anal douches are used to clean the rectum and make anal play and anal sex cleaner and more enjoyable.


Well, the thing about butt play and butt sex is that you’re essentially taking a one-way street (you butt) and making it two lanes of traffic! Anal douching is helpful because it makes things flow better and makes butt play cleaner and more hygienic!

Anal douching will make you more comfortable and confident and will reduce the likelihood of making a mess on your partner’s shaft – or whatever they put into your butt! Anal douching drastically reduces the chances of you or your partner encountering poop during your backdoor adventures!

But anal douching isn’t solely a way of preparing for anal sex; it can be done AFTER sex too! Post-sex douching helps wash out any fluids or residues that may be lurking in the rectum and can contribute to general health and overall well being.

Do you need to douche?

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t need to douche before butt play or anal sex! Provided that you are having regular bowel movements, you and your partner shouldn’t really encounter any stored poop during butt play and anal sex.

Yes really!

If you’re heard horror stories about anal sex being messy, rest assured that poop is stored in the upper bowels – not the anal canal. Generally speaking, no finger, sex toy or penis is big enough to reach far enough inside to encounter stored poop!

That being said, some couples do report encountering small amounts of fecal matter (like a spec or so) during butt play or anal intercourse. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about – after all, if you’re going to do butt stuff, encountering a little bit of poop is to be expected! If this bothers you, then using an anal douche to clean the anal canal is the BEST WAY to avoid this!

To douche or not to douche?

Anal douching is part art, part science. Sometimes, anal douching can actually stimulate other stuff to happen – i.e. the release of more stool! If you aren’t careful, you can overdo things and feel even WORSE after douching than before! So you need to play things by ear and see how it goes.

Douching a couple of times should be sufficient. But if you’re douching more than five times and the water isn’t running clean – maybe it’s not your turn to ‘bottom’. Don’t worry – there are plenty of other fun things you can do!

Are anal douches safe?

As most people’s butts are ‘exit only’ for the vast majority of the time, it’s only natural to wonder;  “Are anal douches safe?” The answer is: it depends. Regular anal douching isn’t bad for your body but there are some precautions you must take…

Sterilize your douche before and after each use

Putting ANYTHING in your butt can introduce germs and bacteria and therefore can pose a health risk. That’s why it’s essential to clean and sterilize the any anal douche you use both before and after each use. If you don’t properly clean a douche after using it, bacteria and mold can easily grow inside and around the douche. In extreme cases, this can give you a bacterial infection the next time you douche!

Use lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus and anal canal are not self-lubricating. Before you insert the tip or nozzle of an anal douche in your posterior, you need to apply plenty of lube to both your anus and the douche. This not only reduces pain and discomfort but minimizes the risk of micro-tears and abrasions in your anus and the lining of your anal canal. I’ll share my tips for choosing the best lube later in this guide!

Start small and warm up first

Regardless of how experienced you are with butt play, you need to start with a slim anal douche tip and work your way up! This helps you avoid injuring your anus, your anal canal and the two main muscle groups – the internal sphincter and the external sphincter.

These two muscles groups work in different ways and you need to understand how to work with them, instead of against them, to avoid injuring yourself when you use an anal douche.

With practice, you can learn to relax your external sphincter by using deep breathing techniques. Start with a slim anal douche nozzle and gently insert it into your anal canal to help your anal muscles become accustomed to the sensation. Wait until they are relaxed before proceeding.

Unfortunately, warming up your internal sphincter is a little trickier. This muscle group form part of the anal canal and isn’t under voluntary control. This means that you can injure yourself if you use a nozzle that’s too wide or without warming up first. The only solution is to start with a super-slim anal douche tip and work your way up. If you struggle with this step, check out my guide to anal training for more tips!

Don’t go too deep

While your anus and the first few inches of your anal canal are packed full of nerve endings, your upper anal canal and rectum are not. If you insert the tip of an anal douche too far, you run the risk (albeit small) of injuring yourself without being able to feel it. Most anal douche tips are too short to cause any harm, but it’s a risk you should be aware of, especially if you use dildo-shaped pleasure tips while douching!

Use temperate water

All you need to douche properly is tap water at room temperature. Never use water that’s too hot or too cold, as this can do significant damage to the thin and highly sensitive lining of your anal canal. A good precaution is running water into a sink or bowl and checking the temperature before you douche.

Everything in moderation

As you may be aware, frequent or improperly conducted enemas can cause serious adverse events such as perforation of the intestinal lining or a dangerous imbalance of electrolytes in the large intestines. Most of these risks don’t apply to anal douching, which, for the main part, is only going to get water into the lower part of the anal canal and rectum, not the intestines. However, you need to be aware of douching too much or too vigorously.

Regular douching is perfectly fine, but you need to be careful of:

  • Using anal douche tips and nozzles that are too large. This can damage your internal sphincter and cause problems related to muscle function.
  • Using too much water or at high pressure. This isn’t generally an issue with hand-held douches but could be with shower douches that are connected to the mains water.

Types of anal douches explained

Anal douches come in a wide variety of styles and sizes but there are three main types that you should know:

  1. Disposable anal douches
  2. Bulb anal douches
  3. Shower anal douches

1. Disposable Douches

If you’ve never tried anal douching before and want to give it a whirl, you may be interested in disposable douches. Instead of having to clean them after use, you can just throw them away. They concertina down to a small package, making them perfect for traveling!

To use a disposable douche, simply fill the body with tap water, screw the tip on, apply plenty of lube and insert the tip into your butt. Squeeze the water into your body, hold for a few seconds, sit on the toilet, and then release! Repeat this process until the water runs clear.


  • No messy clean-up after use!
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Economical if you are just starting out.


  • Disposable anal douches lack the precision of more expensive models and limit your options in terms of comfort and water flow.
  • They can work out more expensive in the long run if you frequently douche.

2. Bulb Anal Douches

The bulb anal douche is the most common type of anal douche out there. They have two main parts; the body, and the tip. Simply put, the body gets filled with water and the tip goes into your butt!

The body
The body of an anal douche is typically made from rubber or silicone and resembles a small, hollow bulb.

The tip (or nozzle)
The tip of an anal douche can be easily detached from the body so that the douche can be filled with water or cleaned. Tips range in size and style from super-slim (ideal for beginners) to textured (like a butt plug) and even representational (like a penis!). The choice is yours!

There are two ways of filling a bulb anal douche. One way is to remove the tip and fill the body with water from a tap. The second way is to keep the tip attached and place it underwater (in a bowl or sink) before squeezing the bulb to expel the air. Upon release, water rushes into the body and fills the douche!

You use a bulb anal douche in exactly the same way as a disposable model; apply lube to the tip, insert into your anal canal, and squeeze water into your body before releasing it into the toilet.


  • Bulb anal douches are available in a wide range of sizes, letting you choose one that suits your specific douching needs!
  • You can buy multiple interchangeable nozzles that give you a wide range of options in terms of the flow of water, ease of use and sexual pleasure!


  • Bulb anal douches must be cleaned and dried properly after use – if mold builds up inside the bulb, it could give you a nasty infection!
  • While bulb anal douches are pricier than disposable douches, they represent good value for money if plan on regularly using them.

3. Shower anal douches

Shower anal douches can be attached directly to your shower hose or installed as permanent attachments on a separate hose alongside your shower head. These are ideal for those who frequently douche as they make anal douching super quick and convenient!


  • Shower anal douches are typically made from stainless steel, making them durable, long-lasting and easy to clean and sterilize.
  • Being connected directly to the mains water means that douching takes less time with no need to laboriously fill and refill the douche.


  • If you use water that’s too hot or too cold, you risk injuring the sensitive lining of your anal canal and rectum.
  • As the water pressure in most homes isn’t consistent, another risk is spraying water at too high pressure. In extreme cases, this could perforate your rectum – requiring surgery to fix.

Types of anal douche nozzles explained

One of the most important parts of an anal douche is the nozzle. The nozzle makes a huge difference to your experience as it determines both the direction and pressure of the water as well as the sensations you feel as the douche enters and leaves your body. Let’s look at the most common types of nozzle that you should know about.

Spray-type nozzle

Instead of shooting water in a straight line, spray-type nozzles dispense the water in multiple directions, giving your rectum a more thorough, efficient clean! Spray-type nozzles come in a range of lengths and widths to suit every experience level. Newbies will want something short and thin while more experienced users may prefer larger nozzles that can dispense more water, making the douching more time-efficient.

Shower douche nozzles

If you plan to use a shower anal douche, you’ll find a wide range of douche nozzles to choose from. Most shower douche nozzles are stainless steel and come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and styles. Some resemble small tips as you’d find on regular bulb douches while others resemble butt plugs or even penises. It’s your call!

Inflatable douche nozzles

If you try anal douching and struggle to keep the nozzle in place while you squeeze the water into your body, you may want to try an inflatable douche nozzle. This unusual type of nozzle can be inflated so that it doesn’t pop out when you start douching. A quick-release valve instantly returns the nozzle to its regular size when you need to eliminate water.

Pleasure douche nozzles

While most anal douche nozzles are designed to be purely functional, some nozzles have beads, groves and patterns that help you add a little excitement to the proceedings! Pleasure douche nozzles essentially make the anal douche double up as a butt plug or anal dildo! This helps you make douching part of foreplay and ensure that you’re completely warmed up before the action moves to the bedroom!

Whichever type of anal douche nozzle you choose be sure to look for 100-percent non-toxic materials that are free from BPA and Phthalates and are completely safe for the human body!

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Can you make your own anal douche?

Anal douches are great tools for getting clean before butt play or anal sex but sometimes you can get caught off guard! After all, you never know when (or where!) the mood will take you! So, whether you’re caught short and don’t have time to pick up a disposable douche from the store, or you’re in a bind and in need of a quick fix, here are three options for making your own anal douche that you can try!

1. Use a water bottle with a nipple top

One of the most common anal douche stand-ins is using a water bottle with a nipple top, like a sports drink bottle. Simply wash the bottle, fill it with tap water, apply some lube to the nipple top and hold it over your anus (rather than inserting it into your anal canal). Squeezing the bottle will shoot water into your anal canal less deeply than using a proper anal douche so you may need to repeat the process several times to get the same results as you’d get from a disposable or bulb-type douche.

2. Use a pump dispenser bottle

If you have an old pump dispenser bottle that was previously used for soap, shower gel or shampoo, you may be able to fashion a rudimentary anal douche that can get your out of a bind. Simply clean the bottle and nozzle thoroughly and fill with room-temperature tap water. Apply lube to the tip of the dispenser nozzle and hold it next to your anus before pumping the water our and into your rectum.

3. Use a shower hose

The third option for making your own anal douche is using a regular shower hose with the shower head removed. The danger of doing this is potentially exposing yourself to any bacteria and mold on the interior or tip or the hose. To minimize the risk of giving yourself a bacterial infection, you can rest the tip against your anus, instead of inserting the hose into your anal canal. The pressure of the water should help clean out your rectum just as if you were using a shower anal douche.

If you do try to use a shower hose as a makeshift anal douche, you MUST take the same precautions you would if you were using a shower anal douche. Run the water for at least a minute prior to using it to ensure that the temperature and water pressure are comfortable. This will help prevent serious issues that can arise from using water that’s too hot or at too high pressure.

Overall, there aren’t many options for making your own anal douche and none of them are as safe or as comfortable as using a commercially available model. If in doubt, my recommendation is to err on the side of caution and try a type of butt play like anal fingering that doesn’t necessitate douching – get my best tips here!

Choosing the right lube

Regardless of which type of anal douche you choose, lube is a must. The anus and anal canal aren’t self-lubricating, so using plenty of lube is essential!

The four main types of lube you can choose are:

  • Water-based lube
  • Desensitizing lube
  • Silicone-based lube
  • Oil-based lube

1. Water-based lube

Water-based lube is perfect for anal douching as it’s compatible with every sex toy material. It’s easy to apply and easy to clean off, making it fine for use with any type of anal douche. Best of all, it’s fine to use with latex so you don’t have to worry about it coming into contact with latex gloves and condoms during anal play and anal sex later on!

2. Desensitizing lube

If you’re worried that anal douching may cause pain or discomfort, you can use a special type of water-based lube known as desensitizing lube. This type of lube contains special ingredients that number and anus and anal canal, helping to make anal douching more comfortable.

3. Silicone-based lube

Silicone-based lube is far longer lasting than water-based lube; it won’t dry or gum up and you won’t have to re-apply it as often. Silicone lube is absolutely fine with silicone anal douches provided they are 100-percent silicone. Many cheaper ‘silicone’ anal douches actually contain inferior ingredients that may react with the silicone.

4. Oil-based lube

Oil-based lubes are extremely popular for activities like anal fisting as they provide maximum lubrication and won’t dry out. The only downside is that they do stain and they aren’t compatible with latex and silicone sex toys like anal douches as they cause surface deterioration. Oil-based lubes are great for disposable anal douches and stainless steel shower douches!

Liquids for anal douching

All you need to douche is regular tap water. If you’re using a disposable or bulb anal douche you can simply remove the tip and hold the body under a running tap until it’s full. However, if you’re particular about what you put in your posterior, in this section I’ll run over the three best liquids you can use for anal douching!

1. Room temperature water

Regardless of which liquid you use, finding the right temperature can be a challenge. Too hot and you’ll burn your anal canal. Too cold and your muscles will tense up, making the whole experience too chilly for comfort!

When filling a disposable or bulb anal douche, you may like to run a sink or bowl full of water to check the temperature with your fingers before you start to fill. Simply squeeze the body of the douche to expel the air and then release it to suck the water up and you’re good to go!

If you are using a shower anal douche, you should carefully adjust the temperature and run it for a full minute before inserting it into your body. This is because the pressure and temperature of mains water can vary significantly. If these variables fluctuate while the douche is in your body, you may not be able to remove it in time to avoid injuring yourself.

2. Saline water

While it’s absolutely fine to anally douche with regular tap water from time to time, if you make a habit of it, you do run the risk of introducing a number of extra things like chlorine and fluoride into an especially sensitive area of your body. This could potentially cause issues such as an electrolyte imbalance. That’s why many people who douche regularly use normal saline, i.e. saltwater.

You can buy a saline solution from a pharmacy or drug store, or make your own by adding one teaspoon of pure salt into one cup of purified water. Make sure that the solution is at room temperature before using it!

3. Bottled water

If you’re concerned about the potential health risks of using tap water to anally douche, consider trying bottled water. This highly filtered water will help clean out your rectum without introducing things that you usually find in tap water such as chlorine. Be sure that that the water is at room temperature before using it as cold-water from the fridge may upset the sensitive lining of your rectum.

How to use an anal douche safely

I’ve walked you through the process of choosing the right anal douche, selecting the right nozzle and picking out the best lube and liquid to douche with but now it’s the fun part – using the douche! In this section, I’ll share with you my step-by-step guide to douching safely.

Step 1: Prep your body

Before douching, I recommend clipping your fingernails to avoid accidentally cutting or tearing the sensitive skin around your anus. Take a long, hot soak in the bath or a steamy shower to help your body relax and your mind unwind. If you’re able to use the bathroom within a couple of hours of douching, all the better!

Step 2: Clean your douche

Whether you’ve just unwrapped a brand new anal douche or are taking an old one out of storage, I recommend giving it a thorough clean. Use hot, soapy water or a special sex toy cleaner to remove any impurities or bacteria that may be lurking on the surface or interior of the douche.

Step 3: Check water temperature

If you’re using a disposable or bulb-type enema, I recommend running a bowlful of water and checking the temperature before you start filling your douche. If you’re using a shower douche, run the water through for a full minute to get the temperature and pressure just right!

Step 4: Lube up!

Crack open your preferred lube and apply liberally to the tip or nozzle of your anal douche as well as to your anus. Find a position that’s comfortable, such as sitting on the toilet seat or standing with one leg on the toilet seat. Position the tip of the nozzle over your anus before pushing it inside. Breathe in deeply for a count of two and then exhale for a count of seven until your sphincter muscles start to relax.

Step 5: Squirt, hold, and release!

The final step is to slowly introduce water into your anal canal. If you are using a disposable or bulb anal douche, you’ll want to slowly squeeze until you feel the water entering your body. If you are using a shower anal douche, the flow of water will depend on the tap settings. Hold the water inside you for a few seconds and then sit on the toilet and release it into the bowl. Repeat this process until the water runs clear.

If the water runs clean after a few times, you’re good to go! If it takes more than five or so times, maybe today’s not your day to ‘bottom’. Fear not; there are plenty of other fun things you can do!

Once finished, be sure to clean and sterilize your anal douche with hot water and soap or some sex toy cleaner. Dry the douche properly to avoid mold growing while it isn’t in use and store in a cool, dry place until next time!


If you were curious about anal douches, that’s about it! From finding the right douche to selecting the best nozzles, lube and liquid, I’ve covered it all in this informative guide!

I’m confident that by following my tips and advice, you can make anal douching safe, fun AND effective, helping you enjoy butt play and anal sex like never before! As every person’s body is slightly different, you may not find that the first anal douche you buy fits as well as you’d hope. Try a few different shapes and sizes until you find the perfect one!

Good luck!

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