Quickie Sex: Your Ultimate Illustrated Guide

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We’ve all heard of “quickies” but most of us avoid it and try to work on lengthening the experience. However, did you know quick sex sessions can improve both your health and relationship? Would you like to find out how? Keep reading so you know all the tricks, techniques, and secrets to make her reach an orgasm as fast as you want!

In This Guide, You’ll Find It All:

The Secret To Quickies: Desire

We are sexually active, hormonal creatures, but with our daily responsibilities, we sometimes don’t find the time to tend to our deepest desires. This is where quickies come into play and quench our sexual thirst.

There Are Two Types Of Quickies

The promise of having a quickie – pleasant sex without all that romantic mumbo-jumbo, is almost too good to be true. But today you’ll learn how to rock her world faster than you ever thought possible.

Let’s start by clarifying that there are at least two kinds of quickies:

  1. The hump-and-dump, smash-and-dash, pounce-and-bounce one-night-stand kind, or
  2. The type where you’re both in a hurry but really want to fuck one another.

Here, we’ll focus on the second of the two kinds of quickies. Quick sex is a useful tool to drain the tensions from your day-to-day life, put an end to an argument, or freshen up in the morning before work. They’re an excellent way to keep the spark in your sex life alive when routine threatens to smother the flame of attraction between you and your partner.

What Is and Isn’t A Quickie

Let’s start from the top: What is a quickie? Well, it’s simply a quick act of coitus.

Now, satisfactory sexual intercourse implies effectiveness, and that means that both parties involved should cum and enjoy it. But how can we make her orgasm so quickly when most women take twenty minutes (on average) to orgasm? Well, we never said it was easy… but it’s not impossible.

When we first started thinking about sex, you probably started asking yourself how you’d please our partner(s). With experience, we’ve learned it takes time to make your partner climax. We’ve also learned that the more stimulation, the more powerful the orgasm. When we focus on stimulating all her senses, the soaking-wet, cascading squirtgasm is inevitable.

You probably have been in such a state of erotic excitement that the lightest stimulus has made you orgasm almost immediately. In particular, when you’ve been on a sex hiatus for a long time, after weight-training, or after a fight…

You have to know when the best window of opportunity for a quickie presents itself, and that instinct can be developed. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

Where and How To Start: Fingers, Foreplay, Masturbation, Try New Things!

You’re with your girl. You want to have sex. She doesn’t. You’re horny, but she’s tired and wants to rest. Your dick’s hard, but she’s getting ready to go to work.

These are just some of the obstacles that may present themselves, even more so in couples… For singles, quickies can also be a tough opportunity to seize. After all, what girl is going to want to try their luck sleeping with a premature ejaculator again?

Women are all about communication and intimacy. A quickie very likely isn’t their idea of “a good time.” Therefore, the first step is setting the mood.

Step 1: Talk Her Into It

Women are a lot more imaginative than us, and while for us, it might be enough to think about a tight, wet pussy or a massive set of tits, women need a lot more than the idea of a throbbing cock to get them horny.

Women respond to auditory stimulation a lot quicker than they do to tactile and visual stimulation. Arousal increases rapidly when you know what to tell her. Whisper in her ear. Tell her all the dirty, twisted things you want to do to her. Don’t skimp on details.

What Do We Mean By Details?

“I’ll put a finger just outside your pussy, making you beg for me to finger fuck you, but instead, I’ll run the tip of my fingers around your pussy lips, stretching them out more and more to make room for my massive cock.”

Sound good? Ask your partner what kinks she’s into. Then, play into that to recreate her fantasy and have her sopping wet in seconds. Better yet, whisper that in her ear while you’re unbuttoning her shirt, unzipping her pants, unpinning her bra and playing with her tits.

Kiss her neck. Lick her ears. Remember: your tongue is your best friend in this conquest! If you can read the signs of approval she emits from her body and from deep within her throat, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Signs? What signs?  They’re small, subtle messages that her body shows when she wants it as much as you do, if not more, such as:

  • Dilated pupils.
  • Changes in her breathing rate.
  • Muscular relaxation.
  • Heightened body temperature.
  • Hardening of her nipples.
  • Getting wet, of course.

And if her inclined head, her accelerated breathing, and her legs spread wide aren’t enough of an invitation for you to ravage her, you can hold the back of her head and look into her eyes and ask her:

“How much do you want it?”

Extra Tip:

To increase the effectiveness of this step, the best strategy is to rely on building up sexual tension ahead. You don’t even have to touch her. How? Easy, man. Sexting!

Write about the kinkiest stuff you two have done together on your way to her place. Write about the best sex you’ve had with her. Remind her about that time you rammed her doggy style, and she had a massive orgasm. That way, when you get there, she’ll pounce your cock like a hungry tiger.

Phase 2: Beat Around The Bush

Though you may not believe it (or understand it), the best way to make her reach a fast orgasm and enjoy a morning quickie is to distract her. You’re going to want to make her want you to penetrate her so badly that when the moment comes, she’s about ready to shower you in her pussy juices. Though it may be difficult for us to accept it, for most women, penetration isn’t the peak of Everest for them.

If you’ve got the advantage of complete privacy, focus on her nipples. Bite them softly, then harder. Gauge how much she can tolerate before she complains, and that way, you’ll know her pain tolerance. Next, nibble the inside of her elbow, which is another highly sensitive part of the female anatomy. Pretty soon, she’ll be moaning and begging you for more.

One Of A Kind

Remember, each one of us is different, and each vagina is different, as well. They vary in shape, taste, and scent. Each woman likes to be touched in their own way, and it’s up to you to discover how your partner likes to be touched.

The shape of her body, their particular routine when masturbating, and their stance on using toys can affect their reaction to any stimulus. If your partner loves using toys, the best way to get her horny is to tease her labia with her favorite toy softly.

Tease her to the point of desperation and make her beg for more action… Then indulge her. Play with her clitoris, but only when she’s wet, NOT BEFORE!

For this phase to be successful, you had to have done an excellent job on the previous step. How can you be sure you’ll do it correctly?

Worry not; there are countless guides on how to make a woman reach an astounding orgasm. The best method, however, lies in knowing her body and what she likes. Quickies become more effective for both you and her with time. Practice makes perfect, and the more times you two have sex, the more experienced you become with each other’s bodies.

Does she like missionary? Oral sex? Double penetration? Maybe she likes to get her asshole rimmed for some time before getting started Whatever the case may be, gathering the information on what she likes will be a pleasure.

Phase 3: Penetration

Pretty self-explanatory… Right? WRONG! Penetration in a quickie is not meant to be fast. It’s not just some of “the old in-out, in-out”. No, you see, penetration in a quickie is best when focused on depth, not speed. Why? Because you want to build up the tension between the two of you as fast as you can, and the deeper you go, the more effectively this can be accomplished.

This does not mean that you must have a huge member to give her what she wants. You can be perfectly average and still bring your woman to a leg-trembling, pelvic-thrusting massive orgasm in just minutes. The secret is in maintaining contact with the inside of her wet slit at all moments.

Don’t forget to continue the onslaught on her body on several fronts:

  • Stimulate her clit.
  • Kiss her.
  • Talk dirty to her.
  • Finger her asshole, if she’s into it.
  • Feel the pleasure of pumping into her.

Set up a rhythm that feels natural to you, and gradually increase the speed and intensity. This will allow the two of you to heighten your senses and focus on the here and now.

Allow her to decide the rhythm (after all, she is the one getting pounded), hold her firmly and let her move her hips against you, effectively marking the rhythm and intensity of the fuck session. This will allow her to reach orgasm as fast as possible.

Don’t worry, man. She’ll have plenty of time to show you how grateful she is when she’s got her lips wrapped around your cock and is swallowing a massive load.

Phase 4: Have Fun

Up to this point, it seems like there’s a lot of technique and precision when it comes to quickies. But sex, including quickies, is about being open to trying new things, new experiences, and sensations.

A quickie can be the ideal moment to try something new that you’ve never dared to try before. New toys, new positions, new places, different fantasies, nothing’s taboo; nothing is out of bounds, as long as (and this is essential) all parties are fully consenting adults. As long as nobody gets hurt without their permission, whatever happens behind closed doors between you and your partner(s) is nobody’s business but your own.

Your Time Is Now

From here on out, this manual about quick sex will focus on situations, places, and even moments of the day where a quickie is favorable. What positions should we try? Is anal a good option for quick sex? Are toys and lube, OK?

Keep in mind that spontaneity can be positive, especially when the relationship has just started. However, some preparation and knowledge can help you level the playing field before you set out on one of your inspired (but unexpected) sexual escapades.

Are you ready? Come on, then! Become a sex expert, capable of bringing any girl to a massive orgasm anytime, anywhere.

The Best Time For A Quickie

Believe it or not, there’s a time of day that is best for sex. We know that men and women’s hormonal cycles differ wildly, sometimes from person to person within the same gender.

For example, you could be horny in the morning, while other men prefer it in the afternoon, or vice versa. Women’s hormonal cycle last 28 days, typically, while men’s sex drive oscillates throughout the day on any given day. Luckily, there are moments of the day where men AND women’s horniness peaks coincide, and these moments are the perfect moments for an excellent screw session.

Two different planets

The “morning wood” phenomenon is a curious event observed in many men. It occurs in the morning because men have more libido in the mornings between 6 AM and 9 AM, a great time for a quickie if you ask me.

Females, on the other hand, get their highest peak of sexual energy two weeks after their menstrual period, when their eggs are ready to be fertilized. It’s evolutionary biology! You just got SCIENCED!

This theory means that although we tend to have sex at night, nighttime may not be the best time for a quickie. In fact, making love at night might work against you. She may be too tired, with low energy, and just not feeling it at that point. She might fall asleep, and then you’ve ventured into dangerous territory if you decide to continue as opposed to stopping.

Ok, we’ve made it clear that women feel their horniest two weeks after their menstrual cycle ends. But the question about what time of day is best for a screw is still up in the air!

We’ve already determined that nighttime isn’t ideal, so when is? Good question. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, daytime is the best time. Both parties are full of energy! And let’s face it: we can get hard at any time of the day or night. It doesn’t take much with us.

Sex hormones (testosterone in males and estrogen in females) are at their lowest when it’s light out, yet at night, the brain produces the hormone for sleep.

So, when is the best time for a quickie? When do men and women’s hormonal peaks coincide? Easy! In the morning, upon awakening. We’ve found that the best time is right around 7:30 AM. Was that a yawn? Probably was.

The Tongue: Your Best Quickie Strategy

Quick sex demands a lot of planning. Pleasing your partner can be challenging, even for the most accomplished Casanova out there.

However, the secret of all the most practiced seducers is at the tip of their tongue. Oh, oral sex? Not quite. The real secret to eating any pussy is communication. Listening, talking, and deepening your understanding into your woman’s deepest, darkest, kinkiest wet dreams is the best kept secret to reaching great sexual chemistry.

Sure, there are those with whom we enjoy an immediate physical attraction. Or you might share similar fantasies or fetishes. Whatever the case may be, understanding how to reach the “point of no return” is a matter of practice… and tongue.

Openly expressing our fantasies and unique sexual tastes is an experience far more intimate than sharing a bed in the nude. Being able to relax and confide in your partner and trust in the game and its results are indispensable for the both of you to reach an orgasm, especially if we’re talking about quickies, which we are.

Extended Foreplay

Maintaining sexual rhythm is indispensable for your partner’s libido, or sexual appetite, to be active at all times. Experiment! Dare to try different things. Discover the place in your girl’s body that she goes crazy over.

Run your tongue through up and down her back. Lick the inside of her knees. If she feels tickled, keep going! You’ve just discovered one of your woman’s erogenous zones.

Hold on, though, what does this have to do with quickies? I only want a quick screw, you might say. Smash-n-dash, you know? Well, you’ll get many more chances to do so if you’re a good lover.

If you want to get her wet, a good way is to tell her how hot you think she is (the tongue comes into play again). Try taking her hand, guiding it under the table, and placing it on top of your pants so she can feel your hard-on.

Kiss her on the neck. Discreetly, but passionately. Keep your cool and act like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Do this in public, and she’s likely to go insane.

Many women love such an act of audacious voyeurism. After fooling around for a little while, you will have succeeded in exciting her enough to where she’ll be ready to go anywhere to get pounded.

Speaking of which, what are the best places for a quickie? Where is the best spot for those quick sex encounters that can spike your adrenaline?

Quickies And Adrenaline

Some are naturally drawn to danger. Bungee jumpers, rock climbers, boxers, etc. Whatever you might consider an extreme sport, some people practice it.

Some are fetishists and like to experiment with different sensations. BDSM people, for example, enjoy pushing the limits of their bodies further and further each time. Some like to have sex in places that aren’t so conventional, if you know what I mean.

All these people have one thing in common: they love quickies and adrenaline. This hormone has an immensely significant impact on sexual attraction, seeing as how the amount of adrenaline released into your bloodstream is directly proportional to the sexual attraction you feel towards your partner.

Therefore, the hornier you are, the more adrenaline your body produces, and situations that produce more adrenaline will likely elevate your sexual excitement, too. After a sports match, after a fight, or after emerging unscathed from a dangerous scenario, the sexual tension between two people increases significantly.

Is this why the best places for a quickie are often forbidden places? Probably. That sensation of imminent danger, the potential of getting caught at any moment, increases the heartbeat and excitement, making you reach a quick and powerful orgasm.

The Best Places For A Quickie

For the best, quickest orgasm, you want to be in a position that facilitates accessibility. One that can allow you to reach every erogenous zone on her body or as many as possible.

She must be sufficiently relaxed to enjoy it. No one wants to suffer from a pulled muscle in the middle of a quickie!

Laying down in bed is (naturally) the best place for sex, but though you can have a quickie at home, the best places are, in fact, out of the house. Empty college classrooms, in cars, on the beach… Some places stand out as romantic places and others for their convenience.

For those who like to accumulate experiences, quickies can be a great tool to spice things up in their sex life. It should go without saying that the idea of this is not to get yourself into trouble, though! Be sure to choose your venues wisely.

Next, we’ll enumerate some of the best places for a quickie:


Stairs are a very convenient place for a quickie because we rarely share the same height as our partner, which gives us one more hoop to jump through before we can orgasm. Staircases allow you to fix the height difference instantly, though!

Naturally, on a staircase, the best positions for penetration are from behind, which allows for deeper penetration, and remember: deep = better for quickies. Additionally, giving it to her from behind puts you in a position where you can reach more of her erogenous zones, thereby assuring she has a quick and powerful orgasm.

It sounds like a win-win to us! Nevertheless, there’s no right or wrong way for a quickie. Discover the best ways to get your partner wet and wild by practicing as much and as often as possible.

Try out anything and everything that crosses your mind! Go outside of your comfort zone! Trust us, guys, you won’t regret it.

Against The Wall:

Well, a wall pretty much turns any place into an adult playground. But it boils down to this: wherever there’s a hard surface, you can easily pick her up, put her against it, and fuck her brains out.

If the height of both you and your partner allow for it, she could wrap one leg around your waist and maintain her balance with her free foot. Et voila! Her pussy hole is ready to be ravaged.

The Bathroom Or The Kitchen:


Or the laundry room, the living room, your office, any space can be made into a fuck zone if you can count on a few minutes of privacy. Knowing that at any given time, someone could walk in, adds the much-desired quickie intensity vibe.


We’ve all wanted to do it at some point in our lives, and if you haven’t done it yet, here are a few tips. First of all, it’s essential to avoid getting sand in her vagina (literally, guys) and on the head of your dick, as this can cause a nasty infection. Second of all, it’s always easier to lay low if you’re inconspicuous. Try spooning to increase your maneuverability while maintaining a low profile.



Easy, peasy, pussy squeezin’. Just prop the front seat down, lay back, and let her do all the work. She’ll control the speed and depth at which she wants to get penetrated while you lay down and let her use your dick like a fuck stick.

You can finally make that fantasy about screwing in the car in whatever position you two find comfortable a reality; it’s really easy! Just find the right parking spot, and let yourself go!

Better yet, start things off from well before the action starts. Plan out the evening, pick her up at a determined time, and then take her to that parking spot… To fuck her.

Want a piece of advice? Careful with the car horn. You could unwittingly draw the attention of curious neighbors.

The Best Positions For A Quickie

In this section, we will go over our top choices for positions that will have her legs quaking in a bedframe-shattering orgasm. The porn industry would have us believe that every woman is a pro gymnast, and while it’s true that women are, on average, more flexible than us men, not all of them are ballerinas or have worked for Cirque du Soleil. Comfort is essential for quickies.


Spooning is a very comfortable alternative if you want to have sex under the radar or are up for a midnight quickie. It’s a comfortable sexual position, it allows smooth and deep penetration, and if you lift her leg a bit and move it towards you, you can finger her or incite her into masturbating while you nibble on her ear or pull her hair.

All her skin against your skin, her entire body at your disposal. Are you looking to speed things up? Lift her knees against her tits while you are ramming her. This will make her pussy feel tighter, and you’ll have to stifle her screams and moans with your hand on her mouth.

Cowgirl/ Inverted Cowgirl


The best part about this position is that you can practice it anywhere where there’s a chair for you to sit on. It allows for deep penetration, and you can even fuck her in the ass (or at least finger her asshole).

Another advantage of the cowgirl position is that she gets to control the rhythm, which will accelerate her orgasm. If you bend her over, you’ll enjoy more visibility of the glorious spectacle as well as a tighter pussy.

Doggy Style:

Doggy style is, according to a study at the University of Kentucky, the preferred sexual position for couples to cum. Fourteen thousand people declared that doggy style is their favorite position for a quickie.

One of the advantages of this position is that you can easily lean on a desk, chair, or table! On top of that, it gives you a hell of a view. It also provides a potential scenario for deep pussy pounding.

Is Anal Sex Appropriate for a Quickie?

There is no such thing as “quickie etiquette.” Regardless of duration or circumstance, a quickie can be more or less extensive, more or less private, and still be considered a quickie.

Each couple has their particular understanding of what “quick sex before breakfast” is. That being said, just as stimulation of the clit is vital for a woman to cum, double penetration can play a fundamentally important role in some women’s orgasms.

The many taboos associated with anal sex, as well as the rough stimulation of the multiple nerve endings simultaneously, can be a trigger for a massively explosive orgasm in women.

Read our anal sex positions article here. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a finger in her ass can take her far, but place a vibrator on the right spot (or a butt plug), and that could change things rapidly. Especially if you and your woman are both sexual deviants, and have a small dungeon full of sex toys in the closet, a section of that dungeon must necessarily be dedicated to anal play.

Anal stimulation can have a significant impact on your partner. Even if she’s never tried it before (but have tentatively discussed the idea), a quickie could be the perfect opportunity to try sticking your finger in her ass, one phalanx at a time.

Hold On, Don’t You Need Lube for That?


You’re damn right you need lube for that. Lube is something that could come in handy during a quickie!

When her slit isn’t wet enough, and you don’t dispose of much time to let her get wet naturally, applying a bit of lube would do the trick nicely in this situation. This is where lube can come in handy.

Quickie Tips

Stay Fun

Try to remember that a critical aspect of a quickie is spontaneity. Though there can be such a thing as planned scenarios, the use of toys on the fly or, for example, picking your woman up and slamming her against a wall while you’re ramming her, will quickly increase the heat.

Communication Is Key

Knowing one another’s likes, kinks, bodies, and limits is essential to enjoy a fully satisfying and varied sex life. Though it may strike both of you as an arduous task at first, opening up to your partner is a great way to begin shortening the distance that separated you.

Quickies are most favorable under two fundamentally opposite premises: you either know your partner very little, or you know everything about them. It’s up to you.


Trying new places, different kinds of stimulation, new positions, or remote-control toys with which you can make her cum while you work or during your lunch break (yeah, it’s a thing), novelty is an essential part of the keeping a couple’s sex life fiery hot. Quickies, like any other sexual practice, can become monotonously tedious without a component of innovation to shake things up.

Slippery Slide

Be ready for anything. Yeah, unfortunately, life isn’t like porn movies, guys. When you fuck a chick in the ass, for example, you might get some… Unwanted consequences. Also, not all of them swallow cum, so that’s when some tissues would come in handy.

Be Quick, But Don’t Rush It

You don’t have to rush things to enjoy a quickie. In fact, quite the opposite! Keep a cool head. Being overly conscious about how long you’re taking can be a powerful retardant and delay the orgasm for everyone involved.

One thing is having your adrenaline at a constant peak for fear of being walked in on at any time. The other is keeping your eye on that ticking clock. Take your time and make sure she’s on the same page as you. Take your time to consider whether you want to keep going or not (you probably do, but think about it, anyway).

Sometimes a hard-on… It is just a hard-on. Sometimes jerking off (fapping, if you will) is preferable to going over all the hullabaloo of setting the mood and whatnot, particularly when you already have a date with her in the morning.

A quickie isn’t as short as the name implies. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, quickies are highly esteemed by couples with a strong sexual drive.

Sex sessions that last longer than 10 minutes are considered to be a marathon for most women. On average, women prefer penetration to last anywhere between 3 to 7 minutes, perfect for a quickie right?

That’s without counting all the foreplay, the teasing, and the talking dirty, of course. The point is, if you move your pieces well, penetration that lasts just five minutes can make you look like a champ! Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to spare now and again?

Make The Quickie About Her

Also, it’s not all about you. It can be about her.

Take the initiative and give your lady the sex of her life in a quickie she’ll never forget. It’ll make her day.

Details like those strengthen a relationship, and as they say: you have to give to receive. When having sex with a woman, eat her pussy, finger her until she cums, make her quirt her pussy juices all over your face early in the morning, and she’ll be thinking about it all day, eager to get back home to get fucked.

Those little details, along with communication, are the two pillars of a lasting relationship.

A Quickie Ending

We hope that you’ve found in this article what you’ve come looking for: tips and secrets on how to best enjoy a good, old quickie. Although the act of sex has existed since time immemorial, enjoying it to its full extent can sometimes be a complicated, even grueling process.

Going to work, keeping your affairs in order, going to the gym… All these responsibilities can drain a good chunk of your energy and time as a man.

However, we’re so much more than our obligations! We’re also beings of desire, and we require a bit of action to get that sexual thirst satiated.

Maintaining a fun and exciting sex life can improve not only your relationship, but also your health. Finishing a long and arduous day at work with a quickie can be good for your health, lowering your blood pressure, improving your immunological system, and combating stress. It is a cure-all.

Were we able to dissipate your tensions and doubts regarding quickies? Are you convinced that sex doesn’t have to be a marathon to be good?

Yeah? Mission accomplished.

Now tell us your best (or worst, or most embarrassing, or most pathetic) quickie experience in the comments below! We’d love to hear them. We promise not to be dicks about it.

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