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Free Bonus 1: Truly Loving Orgasms

"The Ultimate Guide To Giving The Woman You Love Orgasms That Will Open Her Heart"

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If you truly love and care about the woman you're with then you probably want to give her an orgasm that will open her heart - An orgasm that she deserves!

In our new guide "Truly Loving Orgasms" we'll show you exactly how to open her heart with the kind of orgasms that she desperately wants from you.

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Free Bonus 2: Erotic Massage Mastery

"The Secret Massage Techniques That Turn Any Woman Into The Mood For Sex"

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Have you ever wanted sex but your women wasn't in the mood?

Well my friend, there's one thing that's been missing, the key to unlock a woman's sexual desire for you, even when she's not in the mood.

That key is an erotic massage technique that (without here even realising what's going on) gets her body and her mind  perfectly in the mood to crave more and more and more from you.

We hardly wanted to add this as a bonus, since it could be an entire course just by itself, but we knew it would be the perfect compliment to the main Squirting Triggers 2.0 course.

Learn mind-blowing thumbing and fingering techniques

It's time to know exactly how to make her squirt and cum like a water fountain. No more guessing. No more trying. Just top-secret, proven, step by step demonstrated techniques.

Be the one guy who knows how to unlock her deepest sexual desire.

About Love Nest

We're Laura and Axel.

We started The Love Nest together over 3 years ago to teach Laura's techniques to those men and women who wanted to give their loving partners the best orgasms they'd ever had.

We're now the number 1 squirting website in the world with over 1 million yearly visitors and hundreds of men and women attending our in-person training seminars held in Florida each year.

We don't know if we'll keep this presentation online for much longer so please sit back relax, and watch in now before we take it down.

Axel and Laura

Founders of Love Nest

Worried your girl can't squirt? Don't be...

Have you seen video clips of women having intense squirting orgasms online and thought to yourself, "I wonder if my girl can do that, too...?"

The answer is: Yes, your woman can squirt ... and she WANTS you to help her squirt.

It surprised me, too, but as I got better and better and was able to make women squirt strong and longer, I discovered that within just two sessions EVERY woman squirts. And I'm not special, I just have the knowledge and the practice.

Science reveals that squirting is your woman's way to clean and refresh her sexual organs which means it's healthy as well as natural to help her squirt. It's just how your woman's body works - otherwise why would any woman be able to squirt?

And it's fun!

(But you must be willing to emotionally support and nurture her after you help her squirt for the first time. If you're not willing to support your woman, this online training is not for you.)

By TONIGHT You Will Know How To:

  • Keep a woman coming back to your bedroom again and again and again like an addict
  • Make her become emotionally attached to you by ‘spiking’ her oxytocin levels (aka ‘the love hormone’) during climax
  • Become a sexually confident guy who women are naturally attracted to because “he just knows what to do in the bedroom”
  • Make girls squirt unexpectedly without them knowing what you're up to
  • Turn a girl into a “weak-at-the-knees, ball of feminine energy” by giving her an overpowering ejaculatory orgasm
  • Make her surrender to you with the most intense orgasms her body is capable of
  • Make her sexually addicted to the chemicals that are released when she ejaculates
  • Win back a girl who you've slept with before using this 1 "mating strategy hack"
  • Turn a "very wet" orgasm into a squirting orgasm
  • Easily turn a regular female orgasm into a full-body female orgasm for 9X the pleasure
  • Make her squirt in ‘doggy-style’ position
  • Satisfy her deepest primal desires using a secret technique called the Neymar Method
  • Show her how much you care about her by learning the secrets of the female squirting orgasms
  • Increase your penis size by 1.24 inches in 30 days on average
  • Naturally raise her dopamine levels (aka the pleasure hormone) during sex
  • Use Laura’s 'unusual' technique to make any girl squirt 97% of the time
  • Make her squirt even if she thinks squirting is weird or taboo
  • Use "trigger-words" during her climax so she can only squirt with you
  • Know exactly what to do when she says she has to pee during sex
  • Use the step-by-step method to make her squirt unexpectedly when she's "on top" (NOTE: She will squirt over your chest!!)
  • Turn any 'friend' into a girlfriend with a trick that shows "complete sexual confidence"

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