How to Be an ‘Ethical’ Womanizer: Enjoy No-Strings-Attached Sex With Multiple Women

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So you want to be a womanizer?

I’m here to help!

Finding ‘the one’ and settling down isn’t for everyone. There’s a world of choices out there just waiting to be explored, and this guide will show you exactly how to start sleeping with as many different women as you can handle!

Variety is the spice of life, and there are so many gorgeous women around that choosing just one can seem impossible! From classy, professional women, to tatted-up club girls, to artsy hippie types on E, and everything in between, there’s a buffet of ass out there just waiting to be tapped.

But sleeping around is not without its pitfalls. Just as men who enjoy casual sex are derided as ‘womanizers,’ women who enjoy sex with multiple partners face the risk of being labeled ‘sluts.’ The irony here is that women enjoy sex just as much as guys! If only there was a way to womanize ‘ethically’, with honesty and respect, without leaving a trail of destruction in your wake…

That’s where I come in. I can show you the SECRET techniques used by successful womanizers to enjoy a limitless number of non-exclusive partners. I can show you how to womanize with compassion and treat women with respect while still enjoying all the no-strings sex you want!

So, if you’re ready to learn how to:

  • Confidently approach gorgeous women and make them laugh
  • Attract and retain as many non-exclusive girlfriends as you want
  • Turn success with women into a self-fulfilling prophecy

…then keep reading, because you’re going to learn how to do all that and more today at Love Nest!

This guide will teach you the most powerful techniques used by successful womanizers. Best of all, you’ll be able to put what I teach you into practice right away…and start seeing some AMAZING results!

What is a womanizer?

Womanizer is a derogatory term used to describe a guy who sleeps around and has multiple sexual partners. Women face even greater societal pressure than men and risk being ‘slut-shamed’ if their behavior or actions are deemed too promiscuous.

In reality, women enjoy sex just as much as men but feel judged if they openly act upon their inner desires. Womanizers are able to exploit this fact by honing a unique skill set that helps them attract and retain beautiful women who enjoy having no-strings-attached sex!

There’s definitely a dark side to womanizing, where men will lie, cheat, steal, and do or say whatever it takes to ‘trick’ women into bed. We see this most commonly in the pickup artistry scene where men are coached to approach women and use highly manipulative techniques to close them.

As these techniques, while effective, are borderline unethical, I’ve decided to exclude them from this guide. Instead, I’ll focus on ethical womanizing – helping women feel attractive and empowered instead of lying, tricking, or manipulating them into doing something they don’t want to do. Ethical womanizing is all about finding similarly minded women for some consensual fun!

So how, exactly, do you become a womanizer?

Become the best version of yourself

The best womanizers all have one thing in common: they prioritize themselves and view women as an addition to their life, not the focus of it. This requires quite a shift in mindset for some men, especially ‘white knights’ who believe that women have to be ‘saved,’ ‘rescued,’ or ‘protected.’  To be a womanizer, you need to work on your shortcomings and develop your best features and qualities.

While I can’t tell you precisely what the ‘best’ version of yourself is, I do have some ideas that I think will help…

Chase excellence in your career

The underlying principle of becoming the best version of yourself is chasing excellence in all you do. You should ‘marry’ your purpose or vocation and build a career that brings you wealth and value; women will naturally follow. When a woman does come into your orbit, they should complement your life, not become your primary focus.

Work towards your health and fitness goals

You may never be on the cover of Men’s Health, but there are concrete, actionable steps that you can take today to start building a stronger, healthier body. The cornerstone of any workout plan is resistance training; pick up heavy weights and put them down.

No gym membership? Buy a doorway pullup bar and literally ‘pull your own weight’ to build stronger shoulders, arms, and a sexy V-shaped tapered back. Resistance training boosts muscle and burns fat, making it a sure-fire solution to work towards meeting your health and fitness goals.

Smarten your appearance

If it’s been a while since you went clothes shopping, consider updating your wardrobe and asking a personal shopper for help if you need some pointers. Find a range of flattering clothes that suit your age and body type. Pay attention to your personal grooming, too. Work on developing a haircut that suits your face type and develop routines for your nails and skincare as well.

Whether you focus on one, two, or all three of these areas, the important thing is that you recognize you are the prize. So start acting like it!

Adopt a growth mindset

If your goal is to sleep with as many women as possible, looks and wealth will only get you so far. What counts is having the courage to take action and approach as many beautiful, interesting women as possible! While pickup artistry gets a bad rap for teaching men how to manipulate and coerce women, it’s popular and effective because it encourages men to one simple thing: adopt a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a frame of mind where you see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. Instead of saying, “I can’t approach her” or “She’s way out of my league,” you can re-frame your thoughts with more positive language, such as “I can learn how to approach her.”

Instead of wishing away your imperfections, learn to embrace them, and cultivate a sense of purpose. Almost all womanizers instinctively do this very well. Instead of seeking approval, they continually learn and experiment with different tactics.

To implement this strategy, try this; every time you find yourself thinking pessimistically, force yourself to re-frame the thought you just had using growth-focused language. With regular practice, thinking positively will become second nature.

Be discreet

Womanizing is the opposite of looking for a partner. If you let your friends, family, or work buddies know that you’re looking for someone, you’re likely to get paired up with a mutual friend or introduced to women in your wider social group. This can lead to judgment for both you and them, and increase the societal pressure on you to ‘partner up,’ killing any hopes you may harbor of sleeping around.

Most women’s greatest fear is being labeled a ‘slut,’ so if you want to become a womanizer, you need to be discreet. Your goal is to get all the no-strings sex you can handle, and women will only oblige if they feel they can trust you.

If someone asks you about a past flame or who you’re seeing, just reply with something like, “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.” Build a reputation for being tight-lipped, and you’ll be hopping in and out of bed with multiple gorgeous women in no time!

Learn how to approach girls

A key part of becoming a successful womanizer is learning how to approach girls. You already have the opportunity to meet women all around you, at the gym, at work, at church, on your commute, at sports matches, dog parks, and airports. But simply spending more time at places where you’re likely to meet someone isn’t enough; you need to understand that meeting women is a skillset and something that you can constantly improve on.

Approaching and stopping women can feel excruciatingly awkward when you first try it. I understand. One simple visualization trick that can help is imagining beautiful women you see as ‘trains’ following set paths, almost like ‘tracks.’

When you see someone you like walking along, you need to physically get in front of her and stop her dead in her tracks. This technique of approaching women head-on, instead of from the side, can feel jarring, but you need to master it.

When you try approaching a woman in this way for the first time, be calm, honest, and direct and say something like, “Hi, this is extremely random, but I think you’re super-cute.” If she replies positively, with a “Thanks,” just say, “You’re welcome, what’s your name?” and take the small talk from there.

Learn to make women laugh

If you’re hoping to play the field, you’ll need the ability to make women like you. Your financial situation, your body, and your looks can help, but only up to a point.

The most important way of getting a girl to warm to you is being able to make her laugh. Laughter will kill any tension or awkwardness she may feel when you approach her and is guaranteed to help put her at ease. Being funny makes you instantly more attractive to women, regardless of how much you earn, whether you work out, or what you look like.

Unfortunately, far too many guys get nervous or start to sweat when talking to a cute girl and completely fail to come across as Mr. Funny. That’s why I’m going to teach you one simple technique that will guarantee you always have something funny to say to every girl you approach!

Have you ever noticed that almost every single conversation starts with an identical set of questions?

Things like:

  • “What do you do?”
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “What are your plans for the weekend?”

These questions are great for initiating small talk because once you ask a woman one of them, she’s almost certain to ask you the same (or a very similar) question right back! What you need to do is think of the five most common questions that are likely to come up during small talk and then plan five funny ready-to-go answers.

For example, after you ask a woman about her plans for the weekend, she’ll ask you the same in return. Instead of replying with something dull like “I’m staying home,” try thinking of something funny such as, “I’m spending the evening alone with some wine and a good movie, it’s like dating someone I love, but I know the punchlines to all the jokes!”

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve practiced this line a million times in front of the mirror; it will seem spontaneous and make you come across as a smooth operator!

By continually practicing these basic lines with multiple women, you’ll soon develop a feel for what works. You will be able to develop and refine your small talk to make it more flirty, or dirtier, depending on the situation!

Learn how to close

Something that sets true womanizers apart from almost all other types of guys is that they know how to seal the deal. Picking up the confidence to approach beautiful women is difficult enough, but many guys squander their chances by ending the conversation with something bland like, “Well, see you around!”. To play the field, you need to learn how to close and that why I want to teach you the one strategy that will get results every time: C-Q-C.

This stands for:

  • Compliment
  • Qualify
  • Close

Here’s how it works:


Regular guys throw away complements like free candy, but womanizers realize that compliments are like rewards: women have to do something to earn one.

In fact, using too many compliments can actually put women off and make them less likely to trust you, something you may have experienced first-hand if you’ve ever met an over-eager car salesman who thinks that flattering you with complements will help him fast-track his way into your wallet!

After approaching a girl and making her laugh with a few of your pre-prepared small talk responses, pay her one, sincere, complement. Psychologically, this is ‘rewarding’ her for chatting with you and should help keep the conversation going.


A qualifying question is one that lets you get a feel for whether a girl might be interested in you. You might ask her if she has a boyfriend, or ask her directly whether she is single. Womanizers are instinctively good at qualifying; they can quickly get a measure for a woman and move on if it’s a no-go, freeing up their time for other opportunities.


Closing is asking for a woman’s phone number. As a rule of thumb, never leave it longer than 24 hours to call and ask her out for a drink or on a date; strike while the iron is hot!

Supercharge your Tinder profile

If you’re looking to hook up and have sex with as many women as possible in 2020, the best way of doing that is online. For many women, the bar scene is undesirable, and being approached by a random stranger is too jarringly awkward, no matter how smooth you are. When girls want to hook up, the majority of them go online; it’s culturally appropriate, and it works.

If going online seems scary or ‘weird’ and you just want to meet women the “old-fashioned way,” well. Give me your laptop, and I’ll give you a pen and paper!

Just like we’ve all adapted to messaging apps and social media, so too have we adapted to online dating, and there’s no going back. There are plenty of women who want to have sex with you, but they need to know you’re available, and the way that’s communicated is online.

Dating apps such as Tinder help you meet all the women you can handle – and don’t worry, you’ll still get a chance to use all your small talk skills when you meet them in person. Going online will help you meet way more women and set up way more dates than you would be able to in person – and that’s why getting your online dating profile in order is a key part of becoming a womanizer.

In this section, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your profile so you can maximize the number of women you match with! I’m going to use Tinder as it’s by far the most popular app, but there are many other services where you can apply these same techniques and get the same results!

First, some anecdotal evidence; how do women use Tinder? I’ve watched plenty of my friends, both male, and female, using Tinder and this is what I’ve noticed:

  • Women swipe left (reject) just as fast as men, but take up to 10 times longer to swipe right (match) on a profile!
  • Women get a match EVERY time they swipe right!
  • Women who use Tinder receive, on average, FIVE date offers per day!

What these facts should show you is that competition is intense, and women are far more picky about who they match with than men as they know that they are almost guaranteed to get a match!

To become a womanizer, you need to use these facts to your advantage by doing the following two things really well:

  • Maximize your profile
  • Move to close quickly

Let’s look at these two areas more closely.

Maximize your profile

Men are very visual and tend to swipe right based on one profile picture, whereas women tend to look at profiles much more carefully. To succeed online, you need to build a solid profile, including:

  • A high-quality front image of your face, look away from the camera.
  • A lengthy, funny description to show your playful side! Women want to see your personality. Be as funny and flirty as you like and try to give women a real sense of who you are and what you do. Try something sexy, such as “Do not read the next sentence! You naughty girl, I’m into you already!”
  • A ‘pattern interrupt. This is where you insert some text over your photo, saying something like, “It’s a match.” This causes women to pause a little longer on your profile and check it out, helping your profile stand out!

These three little-known techniques will massively increase the number of women you match with and boost your chances of bedding more women!

Move to close quickly

To be a womanizer, you need to move quickly on women you match with. As a guy, you face intense competition, and you have to close FAST! Thinking of a funny first message to send to your matches will give a 90%+ response rate, and from there, you can charm and flirt with her until you ask for her number and suggest a date!

The same C-Q-C strategy that I outlined above – Complement, Qualify, Close – will get you there and may help you achieve a 50%+ success rate of having women agree to meet you for a date.

Short-term vs. Long-term strategy

Once you’ve set up a date, you’re faced with the decision of how to seduce your woman into bed. One short-term strategy is simply finding out what she wants and then telling her everything she wants to hear. If that means having to lie about wanting a relationship when they just want to get laid, then so be it. Whatever it takes.

This approach is short-sighted as it only works until the girl twigs that you’re just stringing her along. It can work well if you’re in a new city or country and just want some short-term fun, but that’s about all.

Fortunately, there is another, longer-term strategy that you can try; being honest. When you meet a girl on a date, you can test her to get a feel for whether she’s looking for something serious or just a bit of fun. Women are sick of being lied to, so if you’re open about what you want, it can work wonders. This way, she’ll know from the beginning what she’s getting herself into and can make an informed decision about whether she wants to be with you.

In the long-term, this approach can prove far better than simply tricking women into sleeping with you. If you find a similarly minded partner who just wants a bit of fun, you’ll have a non-exclusive partner for as long as you want!

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3 Secret techniques that will make HER jump you!

Womanizers understand that when it comes to the art of seduction, men and women are worlds apart. Women take far longer to get sexually excited than men and, if you want to be a womanizer, you need to know how to ignite a sexual spark in women.

Humor helps up until a certain point, but if you don’t turn her on, you’re never going to get her into bed, no matter how much she likes you. In this section, I’ll teach you three SECRET techniques that will make her crazy-hot and practically jump YOU!

1. Make her feel desired

Successful womanizers instinctively understand that women don’t simply want to feel ‘wanted’ – they want to feel lusted after to the point of madness. Marta Meana labeled this desire to be desired as the Real Female Orgasm; such is its importance to female sexuality.

All womanizers use this approach: they wine and dine women intensely and bombard them with flirty text messages, flowers at work, and phone calls until they are completely overwhelmed.

This works because it shows raw, primal, house-on-fire passion! This level of attention shows the woman that she’s so desirable that you just can’t help yourself! It gives her the sense that she’s being gently dominated into a relationship that will last for the rest of her life. Womanizers intuitively understand that women won’t, or can’t, simply ask for this, as asking for it defeats the whole purpose.

So turn on the taps with romantic meals, flowers, chocolates, gifts – whatever it takes – and you’ll unlock your woman’s sexuality to the point where she practically jumps you!

2. Express your desire through passion, not sexuality

The second technique that womanizers employ is masking the fact that they have a one-track mind. It’s fine to be a man with needs, but being overtly sexual or using vulgar innuendo is a huge turnoff. The trick is expressing your desire passionately, and giving your woman the sense of how much you want to have your hands all over her, without being direct and just flat-out saying it.

As I mentioned earlier, women who venture onto dating apps match with almost everyone they slide right on; sex is easy to find. But passionate sex is a rarer beast altogether; passion is that elusive secret element that takes their breath away and blows their mind.

It’s the ‘flavor’ that gives sex meaning. Womanizers understand that women want someone who can surprise them, challenge them, and inspire them because they can handle it.

3. Build intimacy

The third technique that will make women practically drag you into bed is building a deep, intimate connection. There are many ways to express intimacy, but it takes both passion and confidence; after all, you are showing her your sensitive side.

To build intimacy, you can start by really listening to her. Find out as much about her as you can. Her interests, her desires, her fears. Make strong eye contact and really pay attention to what she says instead of just waiting for your turn to talk.

These three techniques – desire, passion, and intimacy – are absolutely essential for turning a woman on and getting her to sleep with you. Playful teasing and flirting towards the end of the date with a sexual complement or innuendo throw in here and there is the perfect recipe for moving the action back to your place (or a hotel) and getting her into bed!

Learn how to make her orgasm

There’s more to womanizing than just manipulating women into bed; you have to show them a good time so that they keep coming back for more. In this section, I’ll show you three of the best ways to make your woman’s vagina flip when you make love and keep her coming back again and again!

1. Use touch to keep the sexual tension on high

Besides flirty and innuendo, touch is a very powerful way to send the right signals across without coming across as being pushy or desperate. During your date, look for ways to touch your woman’s arm or clasp her hand at an opportune moment. The more you touch her delicately and sensually, the more turned on she’ll become. You might like to try:

  • Brushing her hair out of her eyes
  • Putting it behind her ears
  • Casually massaging her shoulders while you’re behind her

These ways can work wonders for igniting the excitement inside her without being too forward. These types of casual touch will come across as sweet and caring, but the slow and sensual way you use your hands on her with really send other signals!

As you start making out, you can extend this into an erotic massage – check out my best massage techniques here!

2. Eat her pussy like a king

One of the sweetest, most tender ways of moving the action from making out to the bedroom is to softly explain that you want to make her cum.

Take her by the hand and have her sit on the edge of a sofa, bed or chair and then put your hands on her thighs as you lean down to passionately kiss her. This motion lets you use your thumbs to stimulate her ilioinguinal nerve in her inner thighs – one of the most powerful nerves in her entire body – and puts you in the perfect position for one of the best oral sex moves  – the Lazy Girl!

Technique: Spread her legs wide open and kneel on the floor between her legs. Run your thumbs from her inner foot, up her calves, and along her inner thighs and follow your fingers with plenty of gently kisses and nibbles.

When she starts to writhe in ecstasy, unbutton her pants and have her raise her hips as you slide them down with her panties in one swift, confident motion. (If she’s wearing a dress or skirt, you can simply part her panties for easy access!) Repeat the first step of running your thumbs up her calve and inner thigh and then use your thumbs to spread her labia.

Push your tongue out and flatten it before placing it over her vulva. Move your head, not your tongue, in small circles, placing direct pressure on her clit!


  • Being able to see you between her legs will be a massive turn on for her; she’s almost guaranteed to orgasm in this position!
  • You can easily stimulate her G-spot using your ring and index fingers while you lick and kiss her clit. Use a water-based lube to gently push your index finger inside her vagina and start stroking in a ‘come hither’ motion until she climaxes!


  1. Go hard, go long: Most women need plenty of hard pressure on their clit, for plenty of time (think 20 minutes, not 20 seconds), to reach the Big O. That’s why I stress the importance of using your neck muscles, not your tongue, to provide the pressure and movement. Don’t rely on your tongue – that’s a rookie error – your neck muscles have the strength to go the distance!
  2. Use lube: Water-based lube will make almost any touch feel a million times better. I strongly suggest using lube whenever you touch a woman’s vulva. Most lubes are flavorless, but you can always choose a flavored lube for when you start to eat her pussy.
  3. Use a dental dam: If you succeed in your goal of becoming a womanizer (and I hope you do!), then it’s wise to use a thin sheet of latex called a dental dam whenever you go down on a woman. This protects you from a whole host of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and shows you are caring and considerate without taking ANYTHING away from the experience!

By the way, my best pussy eating techniques aren’t here; they’re in my ultimate guide! Check it out!

3. Grind her to orgasm!

Once you’ve eaten her out to the point where she’s come on your face, it’s time to show her a good time in the sack! If there’s one thing that separates real womanizers from wannabes, it’s this: most guys suck in bed. Don’t be that guy. Learn to do the C.A.T.!

If you’ve never heard of the C.A.T. before; it stands for ‘Coital Alignment Technique’ and, according to a study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy it’s one of the best ways of giving a women a mind-blowing orgasm – in fact, 73 percent of women reported being able to orgasm with this position!

Try this tonight, and your woman will ALWAYS be happy to see you, even if you aren’t her exclusive boyfriend!

Technique: To do the CAT, have your girl lie on her back and kneel between her legs in the standard missionary position. Instead of being chest-to-chest, move your chest up and to one side, over either her left or right shoulder. By asking her to bend her leg on the opposite side to a 45-degree angle, you’ll find that when you penetrate her, the base of your shaft will be pushed into near-constant contact with her clitoris!

Now, the tricky part. The motion for the CAT isn’t the in and out thrusting of the missionary position. It’s more of a short, up-and-down motion; hence it’s nickname ‘Grinding the corn.’ While this can take a little practice to nail, you’ll sure have fun trying!


  • Giving a woman a mind-bending orgasm during penis-in-vagina sex is tough. This position has a 73% success rate, need I say more?
  • This tried, and true classic offers toe-curling orgasm with the face-to-face contact that women crave – it will keep ANY women coming back to you for more!


  1. Use a ribbed condom: You should always wear a condom 100 percent of the time, but for this particular move, I suggest using a ribbed condom. The up-and-down grinding motion will press the ribs into her clit and feel spectacular!
  2. Use lube: Water-based lube improves EVERY sex position, but for this move, especially, it’s incredible. The slipperiness will make your cock glide over her clit until she cums!

Tips for staying safe

Being a womanizer takes plenty of hard work, and it isn’t cheap, but it can also expose you to a number of risks. That’s why I wanted to share three ways that will keep you safe in your quest to become a womanizer!

Take a selfie

The #MeToo movement has made more men than ever aware of the risks of baseless accusations. While asking a partner to take a selfie with you holding their driving license is perhaps taking things a little too far, you do need to establish consent before taking things to the bedroom.

Taking a selfie with the women you’re with, either while out and about or with her holding her ID, is smart. Send the photo to someone you trust to be discreet and let them know where you’re going and who you’re going with.

Consider using a hotel

Before you invite anyone back to your home, consider whether it wouldn’t be better to rent a hotel room somewhere. This can protect you from a clingy hook-up and help keep different women separate as you juggle a number of non-exclusive girlfriends at the same time.

Wear a condom 100% of the time

One of the biggest risks you’ll face as a womanizer is catching an STI or HIV. You must expect that women you bed are enjoying the same freedoms as you, so the onus is on you to take precautions. As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of STIs that can be transmitted through oral sex, so using a dental dam is another smart move.

Always be nice

To round off this guide, my parting advice is to always be nice to your girlfriends. Never be jealous and always expect that your partners will enjoy the same freedoms that you do.

To get into a position where you can call on multiple non-exclusive partners, you need to be respectful of the women in your life. Never criticize or judge women or be anything other than nice to them. This way, they’ll trust you even if they have other boyfriends and will come back to you again and again!


If you were looking for advice about becoming a womanizer, hopefully, this guide has given you some actionable, concrete advice that you can try out TONIGHT…and start seeing some results! Don’t let life pass you by – start building out your Tinder profile and matching with women in your area so you can play the field like a REAL womanizer!

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate that womanizing is a vast topic, and I’ve left MANY stones unturned. There’s much left for you to discover, and you may be surprised what you find as you face the challenges ahead!

Good luck, and stay safe!

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